We always welcome new members. Without members there would be no
club. And without a club there would be no trails. This doesn't mean that
we don't find time to have some fun. We like to have club rides, sliding
partys, cookouts in the summer, and other fun events.

Your support keeps our sport alive. Even if you can't attend the
meetings, joining a club helps ensure you have an enjoyable experience on
your next ride.

The MSA (Maine Snowmobile Association) has increased membership
dues by $3 this year. This raises the membership fee to $28.00 for a
family. There is also a change in the insurance that comes with your
membership. It is now $2500 of coverage, up from $2000. And there is no
longer an additional charge for dependants, but all dependants must be
listed. This fee includes membership in the MSA which includes a monthly
newspaper to keep you informed on the latest issues facing our sport.

To join our club either join in person at a meeting, click on the link on
the left to email your request (we will contact you with details on where to
send your payment), or click on the link on the right to join online and pay
with your credit card using Paypals secure website.